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  • "The one thing that unites all human beings, regardless of age, gender, religion, economic status, or ethnic background, is that, deep down inside, we all believe that we are above-average drivers."  Dave Barry
  • "Always focus on the front windshield and not the rearview mirror."  Colin Powell
  • "I think a lot of psychopaths are just geniuses who drove so fast that they lost control."  Criss Jami
  •  "Learn to drive? Never, said Quentin.  My mission in life is to be a passenger."  Diana Wynne Jones
  • "Americans will put up with anything provided it doesn't block traffic."  Dan Rather
  • "You know, somebody actually complimented me on my driving today.  They left a little note on the windscreen, it said 'Parking Fine'."  Tommy Cooper
  • "If you have no good drive in you, your life will not be steered through a good direction. It will miss its destined station.  Passion or drive is what moves the vehicle of a fulfilled life."  Isrealmore Ayivor
  • "Just because you're sober, don't think you're a good driver, Cookie."  Jeff LIndsay
  • "I haven't met that many women, human or angelic, who actually like to drive.  In my experience they seem to be much more pragmatic about the whole thing than we are.  For most males, driving is an extension of their masculinity; they have little fantasy scenarios going all the time - races, chases, and dramatic combat with other drivers.  Females, on the other hand, generally seem to view driving as something you do to get somewhere.  I know, crazy."  Tad Williams
  • "Road rage is how a person reacts when they are unhappy within themselves.  They look for suitable victims so that they can justify letting out their rage, and vent their frustrations.  It is never justified, and never should be.  Frustrations don't have a place on the motorway or on the street.  It's simple.  If you're angry...don't drive.  If you're frustrated with life...don't drive.  If you drive, chances are that you could hurt or kill other people, yourself, or more importantly...those that you love."  Anthony T. Hincks
  • "Sometimes people have no idea what drives you & the unlimited gears you've developed inside you, so they try to teach you how to steer."  Curtis Tyrone Jones
  • "It's not as if I don't know how to handle the truck now.  A license is just a piece of paper."  Terry Lynn Johnson
  • "The mobile phone makes the automobile even more deadly."  Mokokoma Mokhonoana
  • "Flying means boredom.  Next time you're going away, just drive.  You can leave when you want.  You don't have to sit next to a stranger.  You can listen to all sorts of loud music without headphones and look at things out of the window that aren't just clouds.  Driving is sensible alternative to flying."  Jeremy Clarkson
  • "It wasn't until I slowed the car and rolled down the windows that I realized I spend most of my days driving 'through' life without driving 'in' life.  So, I've decided to walk because the pace is slower and the windows are always down."  Craig D. Lounsbrough
  • "Driving at night is about communicating with lights."  Lukhman Pambra
  • "Take care of your car in the garage, and the car will take care of you on the road."  Amit Kalantri
  • "I am so obsessed with the cars that sometimes I feel like my heart is not a muscle, it's an engine."  Amit Kalantri
  • "No one you have been and no place have gone ever leaves you.  The new parts of you simply jump in the car and go along for the rest of the ride.  The success of your journey and your driving destination all depend on who's driving."  Bruce Springsteen
  • "No matter what sort of car you are driving or how fast you drive, we all meet behind the same red light."  Moe Cidaly
  • "I am emotional about engines, if you hurt my car, you hurt my heart."  Amit Kalantri
  • "The best way I can think to describe it, she said, is the way, when you're driving on the freeway at night how everyone can see the moon in their window.  Every car on the road.  Every car feels the moon is following that car, even in the other direction, right?  Everyone in that hemisphere can see the moon and think it is there for them, is following where they go."  Aimee Bender
  • "Make sure you control the radio on a long road trip.  You don't want to listen to some old-fashioned music the whole time."  Preston Shay
  • "Driving your car through deep pools of flood water is a great way of making your car unreliable.  Smart people turn around and avoid it."  Steven Magee
  • "Walkers easily travel three miles by foot.  Driver's get in their cars to get from one side of the parking lot to the other.  Neither quite understand why the other is so crazy, when it's so easy to do things their way."  Jacob Lund Fisker
  • "The total ugliness and indifference of the worst features of the human race come out in their driving habits."  Charles Bukowski
  • "You're a rotten driver, I protested.  Either you ought to be more careful, or you oughtn't drive at all.  I am careful.  No, you're not. Well, other people are, she said lightly.  What's that go to do with it?  They'll keep out of my way, she insisted.  It takes two to make an accident."  F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • "Life is only a fast lane if you get into a lane and drive fast."  Nikhil Rao and Katherine Reiter
  • "Men may or may not be better drivers than women, but they seem to die more often trying to prove that they are."  Tom Vanderbilt
  • "Driving is boring, Rabbit pontificates, but it's what we do.  Most of American life is driving somewhere and then driving back wondering why the hell you went."  John Updike
  • "There's a difference between driving and texting.  When your driving your eyes have to be open and on the road watching the cars around you, road signs, and traffic lights.  Along with your mind on the road and destination.  Which means you are multitasking.  When your texting your eyes are on your cellphone screen and keypad.  Along with your mind on what your going to say next.  So how can you do both?  Please stop!"  Johnathan Anthony Burkett

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