The positives for self-driving cars are the following: 1) In comparison to the myriad of bad behaviors a driver might exhibit behind the wheel, a computer is actually an ideal motorist. Since 81% of car crashes are the result of human error, computers would take a lot of danger out of the equation entirely. 2) There are no opportunities for a computer to be "distracted", which is a leading cause of accidents in the US at present since computers use complicated algorithms to determine appropriate stopping distance and distance from another vehicle. 3) It's obvious that human driven cars come at a very high cost in terms of danger. Therefore, there would be significant cost savings in many different venues like insurance costs and healthcare costs associated with accident recovery. 4) There is also a cost savings associated with time. When a computer takes over the driving responsibilities, drivers can use that time to do other things like catch up on reading or chat with passengers, all without having to worry too much about road safety. 5) Self-driving cars in large number participate in a behavior known as "platooning", which would significantly improve traffic conditions and congestion, and reduce commute times for drivers in high-traffic areas but also to maximize gasoline usage. 6) Disabled individuals who have to rely to public transportation or assistance from others to get around, could reap the benefits of self-driving cars with new freedom and enhanced mobility. 7) Larger cities are plagued with the problem of providing adequate public transportation. Many have a lack of appropriate infrastructure to support the needs of their residents, a void that could partially be filled by self-driving cars. 8) Drunk driving incidents should decrease because there's no designated driver needed when the car drives itself. 9) Massive savings could be recouped from being spent on older mass transit projects like trains. 10) Police officer focus could be shifted from writing traffic tickets and handling accidents to managing other more serious crimes.

April 2, 2019



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