The negatives for self-driving cars are the following: 1) Just having the ability to operate a self-driving car would require an education on the driver's part. While the computer takes over once the vehicle is operational, the driver would still be required to maintain some knowledge about how to operate it safely. 2) The cost of implementing the new technology could be way out of reach for most Americans. Currently, the engineering, power and computer requirements, software, and sensors add up to more than $100K. 3) The most savings in terms of cost, time, and lives is going to come from when more people "opt in" to the service. If self-driving cars are not adopted widely, accidents can and will still happen. 4) In order for a computer to operate a vehicle, a lot of information would have to be stored on the software. Some individuals are concerned about the opportunity for a computer built into the self-driving car to collect personal data. 5) Self-driving cars would eliminate many jobs from auto manufacturing, freight transportation, taxi drivers, package and food delivery services, auto repair, hotels, media entertainment and online retail, insurance, legal professionals, law enforcement, real estate, and parking services, just to name a few. 6) A self-driving car doesn't completely eliminate the likelihood of a car accident. In fact, there's no legal precedent for how a case would be handled. The difficult question of who holds responsibility in a car accident, the driver? the car manufacturer? the software developer? etc. 7) The cars are not able to operate at a high level of safety in all weather conditions. In fact, heavy rain can do serious damage to the laser sensor calling into question what role the driver might have to play in the event the technology fails. 8) If other technology fails such as traffic signals that the cars rely on, there's no accounting for human traffic signals. 9) The reliance on technology could mean that over time, drivers are no longer equipped with the skills to operate cars. 10) It's unclear how self-driving cars would maneuver through hazards like roadblocks or unique local driving laws.

April 3, 2019



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