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  • We only accept the following payment methods for our bookings:  Credit card or Paypal.  No cash or checks will be accepted. 
  • There will be a $50 no-show fee if you don't show up for your appointment.  This fee needs to be paid prior to starting your next lesson.
  • There will be a $50 cancellation fee if you forget to bring your instruction permit with you when you take your lesson.
  • There will be a $25 administrative fee for replacement of loss 6-hr certificate.
  • There is no refund after purchasing the 2-hr Lesson, 6-hr Package, or Car for DMV Exam.
  • All lessons purchased will expired if not completed after a 1 year period from the purchase date.
  • The free pickup is at the student's home address unless specified otherwise.  We can also pick you up at your school, your work, or anywhere that is most convenient for you.  
  • We don't have 1 hour lesson available due to time constraint and scheduling conflicts.  
  • We do lessons whether it is rain or shine.
  • We can not accommodate a third person in the car because of insurance and safety reasons.
  • We only do lessons in our driving school car equipped with dual brakes and accelerator.  We do not do lessons in your own personal car.  
  • We do not have 2-hr freeway lessons, 2-hr lesson is local street driving only.  
  • For students taking 6-hr package or Upgrade, freeways is "optional" and only available on the third lesson.  Optional means only the instructor has the option to teach it or not, when they deem the student is ready for freeways.  
  • For students taking 6-hr package or Upgrade, if the instructor deem that the student is not ready for the drive test, the student will not be allowed to use the service, Car for DMV Exam.  
  • We only accept students with a California Instruction Permit. (No International License or any state License). 
  • Students with lots of anxiety should consider taking 1hr lesson from another school because we only do 2hr lessons and it might be too overwhelming for them.  
  • Students with medical conditions, please call or email first about your medical situation to see if we have experience in working with you.
  • We reserve the right to cancel the lesson at any time, any remaining driving lessons purchased will be fully refunded.  
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