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03/07/2020 - Lucas F.

Great instructor! Very honest also about the lack of need for more classes. Highly recommend!

02/14/2020 - Chris S.

Alan did a very thorough job with a lesson for my teenager including a detailed write up with useful feedback. He is incredibly responsive and provides great service. We have used two other local driving schools and Perfect Score is the best. Highly recommended!

11/2018 - Zhanat K.

Thanks to Alan I passed my driving test at the first try. He is very patient, easy going and professional. I would definitely recommend him.

10/24/2018 - Deepa M.

Alan is an amazing teacher! My son got his drivers license today - on his first attempt. Alan emailed a feedback sheet at the end of every class. When My son would practice driving , we immediately knew what to focus on. Alan is very patient & taught my son lots of defensive driving techniques. I highly recommend Alan for driving classes.

07/26/2018 - Jaeeun C.

Alan is the best driving instructor in the bay area. He is punctual, patient, and kind. I passed my drive test first go after taking 6 hour driving lessons from him. He sent me feedbacks after the lessons and they were very helpful to improve my driving skills. I strongly recommend Perfect Score Driving school because it is so worth it!!!

05/09/2018 - Nichapa M.

Alan was great very patient. He took me to different places to get a feel for the different scenarios every lesson.  Today I passed the driving test.  Thank you Alan you are great instructor.

05/08/2018 - Na W.

Alan was an incredible teacher, extremely precise and super competent. He was attentive and systematic. He has earned all the high rating and recommendations after all and we are super pleased with the professional service.

We were searching for a review lesson last minute on the day before the drive test, and Alan responded quickly and set up a time efficiently at the end of the day when most schools have already closed or would be reluctant to give a lesson. Please don't hesitate to give him a call if you need a driving lesson!



03/27/2018 - Ankit S.

Alan is an amazing instructor. He helped me get my license within a month. He is also very accommodating and has tutored me at 6am in the morning to work around my schedule. Lessons with him are also very insightful and thorough. He is very organized and patient and overall a great instructor. He would constantly point out all the important driving points. He is diligent in efforts to help the student and provides extensive feedback post lesson. He also helped me practice literally an hour before the test as a "warm-up".  Thanks Alan for all of your time and the great instructions,

03/23/2018 - Swati G.

Just before taking the driving test for the third time, my husband booked a 6 hour class with Alan. I was extremely nervous and in desperate need for a license. All my concerns vanished as I met Alan. He was very patient and descriptive in his lessons. He made me practice my shortcomings numerous times until he was satisfied. He gives an elaborate feedback after every class which helped me improve till the last day of my test. He will turn you into a perfect and a confident driver.


10/26/2017 - Mugdha K.

Alan is amazing. He is very patient and very knowledgeable. His instructions are clear and every session is informative. He also sends a feedback to you after 2 hour  session and areas we need to improve. He makes sure we get enough information. I took 2 sessions from him and went to DMV exam, cleared it in first attempt.

He accommodated my schedule and helped me out.

Thank you so much Alan!

08/18/2017 - Sudev B.

Alan is an amazing instructor. I went from not knowing how to drive at all to getting my license in the first go. A very large part of the credit goes to the lessons I took from him. He is very organized, very *patient* and overall a great instructor that points out all the important driving points. He took me to different places to get a feel of the different scenarios every lesson. He even took me on a really fun mountain drive to get better at steering and this was very useful in learning to stay in the lane. Would HIGHLY recommend Alan to anyone looking to learn. Awesome instructor, awesome lessons. Well worth the money.

07/19/2017 - David R.

Hello, my daughter had more confidence after taking 3 lessons, you may think is pricey but is money very well invested for someone you care/love.

i asked my daughter if she recommends it for her sister and she does.
i asked her for the grade that she would give and she says 10 so there is my feedback.

07/06/2017 - Chellin C.

I had 1 month to practice driving after passing written test.It's my first time to learn driving. Today I passed the road test. I do really thank Alan. He is very great instructor.He is very nice and patient. Every time he taught me carefully and patiently,told me what should I pay attention. Corrected my mistakes. I highly recommend him to be your instructor.

05/17/2017 - Jovannah N.

Had two driving lessons  ,Alan was great very patient and kind ,made me feel very comfortable and gave me great tips . I literally practiced a week and passed my driving test with flying colors.  Thank you Alan you where great !

04/20/2017 - Fiona C.

I recently moved to the Bay Area from the UK.  I've been using public transport for 18+ years and haven't drove much. I was nervous about driving on the right and learning the local rules. I'm so glad that I chose Perfect Score Driving SchooI. Alan was an amazing instructor. He's very patient, helpful, and knowledgeable about local driving. It was very easy to book the appointments online or via phone. After each lesson, Alan emailed feedback on my driving, which I found very useful. As a result from several lessons, I passed my DMV driving test on my first attempt and feel very confident driving. I feel really fortunate that I found this driving school through Yelp! I would highly recommend Perfect Score Driving School to anyone who needs driving instruction in the Bay Area.

04/11/2017 - Mi L.

My son just received his driver license
Perfect score/ Alan did a great job, teaching him and escrow him to the driving test, I will use them again for my second child

03/22/2017 - Francis V.

I needed to get a driving license in less than 1 month, and Alan was a really really great instructor. The appointments are really quick to book and in 6h of driving you get to cover everything you need to know. Alan know all the places to practice many situations.

Also providing early in the morning DMV test car, even at 7:30 AM!

12/2016 - Rajkumar M.

I am an expat to US. Alan helped me to improve my driving skills in short time and trained me to obtain DMV license within a month. Great tutor and never yelled at student when they make mistakes. Train them to learn their mistakes.. Thanks Alan..

12/08/2016 - Louise M.

My husband and I have been driving for 17 years in the UK and needed to get our Californian licenses. We wanted to take a lesson to understand what would be tested. Alan Wong was a great instructor. He gave directions well and explained the rules of the road with lots of examples of what has worked or not for past students. We definitely learnt a few things for driving in the US and successfully passed our tests! The website is really easy to book lessons.

10/25/2016 - Chi H.

I searched around the whole South Bay.   I bought a 6 hour package for my niece for an early  birthday present. Alan Wong was cost effective and a good driving instructor as my niece was lacking confidence and afterwards showed great improvement in her driving abilities.   Highly recommended because the lessons were spaced out to give new drivers time and also scheduling was easy with the driving school.

Updated:  my niece passed her drive test with flying colors and the complete package was helpful.  thanks instructor Alan for your continued patience and care with her.

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